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快乐彩票APP |2013 economic working conference kicks off

  2013 economic working conference kicked off on August 8. General Manager Sun Weidong gave the economic work report. The major goal of this conference were analyzing and summarizing current economic situation and existing challenges, and deploying the work of second half year. In light of the current situation, the focus is to find problems, shortcomings, and the gap between the major players in the industry. The key is to keep learning and being creative to ensure the completion of tasks of this year, and to plan for the next year.
  General manager Sun stressed that entrepreneurs face greater risks and challenges including external economy turmoil with uncertain direction, negative impact of the finance and politics. Besides, many problems exist in the enterprise. Leaders of enterprises have innovative thinking and strategic vision, to find the market; To attach importance to talents, increase investment in science and technology, and strengthen internal management in order to improve efficiency; To accumulate positive energy, in virtue of Chinese dream to help dream of cause and to lift TOEC dream.
  Wei Jinfeng, the CEO of Shenzhen Highlight, introduced Highlight experience for 8 years; He focused on Highlight core competitiveness and shared the successful experience and lessons. 


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