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快乐彩票APP |New Year Speech for 2014

The year 2013 has been an extraordinary one for TOEC. We faced a variety of obstacles and challenges. The exports have been shrunk; especially exports to Japan bore the brunt. The varied exchange rate, plus raised labor costs squeezed the narrow profit margin; the arms industry, based on research and development and led by the market, is still in the initial stage of development; infrastructure, technical investment and employee's welfare put our finance under pressure.
Despite all the difficulties, we have completed the goal of 2013, i.e. realizing "RMB 2.08 billion Yuan of sales income and RMB 134 million Yuan of profit". So, “Thanks for your hard work” is sent to every TOEC employee, and sincere gratitude to the family members of each employee. Our heartfelt thanks to the new and old customers, leaders at all levels, the heads of
 the army, the board of directors and Zhonghuan Group.
         The year of 2013 is an extremely important one, not only for Chinese national rejuvenation, but also for TOEC. As to China, the national leadership smoothly transited; the third plenary session of 18th central committee of the CPC pointed out the goals of the next 5 years and the next 10 years; the central economic work conference set the development direction of next year. 2013 is also the 35th anniversary of China's reform and opening up; As to TOEC, the past 20 years saw the transfer from the arms industry to civil production, structural adjustment and internationalization. During these years, we have established business with some of top 500 enterprises, which formed industrial base and operation framework of TOEC today. However, we should be awake to the reality that profound changes have taken place to the regular customers, the market and operation mode. Low-end processing, low value-added profit model and low-end export model have gone. Each and every TOEC employee has to face this challenge. So, changing the thinking pattern comes first, and then we can keep up with the national development trend, understanding the new pattern of international globalization. Innovation, change and development are the keys to the further development. If we are still stuck in the mindset of the old, we will not accomplish the industry transformation and upgrading and will miss the most valuable strategic development period, i.e. the next two to three years.
     For the 64 years of establishment, the employee is one of the core competitiveness of TOEC. Without the staff, the vision that is built to last will not come true. Therefore, talents training shall be a strategy of TOEC. Training and talent development will be promoted, equipped with resources.
  Reform and innovation is a fundamental way for manufacturing industry and TOEC. Creation is comprehensive, including thought, management, product, the operation mode and market. Scientific and technological innovation right now is the most urgent. In the light of China's overall overcapacity, homogeneity condition and low-end manufacturing environment, technology is the foundation of sustainable development, as the core force. So, we clearly put forward to invest in technology in the strategic, long-term and tolerant terms, and we will achieve a real breakthrough in science and technology innovation.
       The average profit margin of national electronics industry is lower than 3%, and more than 30% of the small and medium-sized enterprises have got in troubles of funds shortage, and shrinking market; on the contrast, TOEC has been in sound financial situation. Therefore, we have the financial strength and ability to support operations, key technical investment and key projects.
  TOEC headquarters planning has been submitted to the municipal government, and has been included into the city planning. TOEC Mansions will be built after several years; Meijiang Science Park, as an investment platform in science and technology, has begun to make contribution to the arms products; the finished Binhai New Area Science Park sets up a platform for incubation, investment, the mechanism trials and project innovation; 470 thousand square meters farm will be a reserve for the next few years.
     Looking ahead to 2014, the global economic situation will be uncertain and complex. A slow recovery will occur to the international market, while domestic market still needs promotion by policy. The third plenary session of 18th central committee of the CPC set the central theme of development, i.e. advance steadily and the reform and innovation. At the same time, the industries with overcapacity and damaging the ecological environment will be cut down. For TOEC, the investment in operation, R&D and staff welfare will arise, and many challenges are to be overcome. The year of 2014, and even 2015, are critical years for TOEC "12th five-year plan", also are periods for transformation and upgrading. At the same time, with the Chinese dream and a series of new army policy, a clear line of development is drawn out for our arms industry. We will continue to grow at a rate of 20%, and strive to achieve the sales amount of RMB 300 million Yuan for military products. We will realize our dream in arms industry year by year.
       We have set the goal of 2014, i.e. "sales amount of RMB 2.25 billion Yuan, profit of 162 million Yuan". The development direction of main industry is clear. Military products shall massively grow. Factories of electronic components shall upgrade to middle and high-end. The new three technical service enterprises shall increase the sales. EMS processing and enterprises exported to Japan shall operate well.
      In 2014, riding on the wave, we must reform and innovate and get the job done well, adhering to problem-oriented and seeking truth from facts; to grasp the development roadmap by changing thinking pattern, investing in talent, technology and welfare; all hard work, knowledge, technology, management and capital fully play their role cooperatively; and make sure the free flow of all the resources. We have the confidence, resources, and ability to implement all the tasks. We need to work together to make a brand new 2014.
       Happy New Year to everyone and wish full joyfulness in the year of the horse.

General Manager:
December 31, 2013

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