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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Listed in Yearbook of Tianjin 2013

  Yearbook of Tianjin is published annually, presided over by the municipal government and jointly edited by Tianjin related ministries and commissions. The aim is to record Tianjin economic and social development situation comprehensively, systematically and detailed, which provides basic information to whoever wants to understand and study Tianjin. 
  This issue of the yearbook mainly includes basic situation of economic and social development in 2012, under 42 columns. Chinese and English catalogues and the subject index are used in the retrieval system, and a full text retrieval CD is attached at the end of the book. 
The profile of TOEC group is listed in the column of industry and information. R&D and production of information security products are introduced.
  • The year 2013 has been an extraordinary one for TOEC. We faced a variety of obstacles and challenges. The exports have been shrunk; especially exports to Japan bore the brunt. The varied exchange rate, plus raised labor costs squeezed the narrow profi......
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