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快乐彩票APP |TOEC model worker Creation workshop set up

  The opening ceremony of TOEC model worker creation workshop started on December 20. All related leaders and workers attended the ceremony.
  The workshop is a good creation platform for R&D engineers. The model workers are Tianjin model workers and experts commissioned by the state council. It also is a technical exchange place. Besides its upgrading the technology, the workshop is a channel to broadcast the TOEC group.
  • On December 1 to 2, the 4th China Electronic Summit and 2013 national champions of electronic information industry awards ceremony was held in Hefei. TOEC and other 21 companies, including Lenovo Group and Chinas Electronic Information Industry Group ......
  • The year 2013 has been an extraordinary one for TOEC. We faced a variety of obstacles and challenges. The exports have been shrunk; especially exports to Japan bore the brunt. The varied exchange rate, plus raised labor costs squeezed the narrow profi......


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