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快乐彩票APP |Ring out the Old Year of Rabbit and Ring in the New Year of Dragon-TOEC held 2012 spring festival party

  The year 2011 is the beginning year of the 12-th 5-year plan. It faced very complicated economic situation. However, TOEC accomplished the economic targets basically and achieved the goal with the joint efforts of leaders and staff.
  All the units celebrated the achievements in different ways. TOEC leaders sat down with staff to share the joy and happiness of success of 2011 and had a heated discussion on plans for 2012.
  In the upcoming 2012, TOEC will resolutely carry out the strategy for the 12-th 5-year plan, implement well enterprise transformation and upgrading, increase market input, promote the development of special markets, strengthen efforts in constructing young management team and develop well corporate culture to forge an enterprise responsible both for staff and society. 


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