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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Held 2012 Economic Work Conference——push forward the faster and better development of the enterprise with innovation and transformation

  On February 11th, TOEC held its 2012 economic work conference.
  TOEC general manager, Sun Weidong, made a report titled “Implement Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading, Deepen Self-innovation and Improve Cultural Soft Power to Promote the Enterprise to Develop Faster and Better” and awarded advanced units and advanced individuals for 2011.
  General manager Sun made a summary on the work of 2011 and made work arrangements for 2012 as well. He stressed that the year of 2012 was an opportunity for TOEC to make further progress and it was also an important year as a connecting link between the preceding and the following in the 12th 5-year plan. We should firmly stick to the general guiding ideology of the enterprise, follow its development path, carry out well 6 important jobs and ensure the accomplishments of the objectives of the 6 jobs: First, increase input, develop new products and implement well enterprise transformation and upgrading; second, place emphasis on talents, innovate the concept of staff employment and realize enterprise development with talent application; third, introduce new programs, explore new markets and seek new growth points; fourth, reinforce management and supervision, improve budget system and enhance junior level administration; fifth, inherit fine culture, improve cultural soft power and innovate the work of party-building; sixth, care for staff’s livelihood, bolster happiness and share accomplishments with all the staff. Meanwhile, Mr. Sun indicated that we must keep a clear mind under the complicated and difficult economic circumstance and make full use of our intelligence and ability to develop early and creatively with dedication and a pragmatic attitude to accomplish the targets of 2012. General manager’s report is objective, practical and rich in content, which is also instructive and has a strong operability. It guides the work to be carried out in 2012.
  Labor union chairman of ZEIG, Zhang Delu also made an important speech. In his speech, he thanked first all the staff of TOEC for the achievements they accomplished over the past year which made contributions to the over 100 billion yuan economic scale of ZEIG and over 10 billion yuan economic scale of state-owned business of ZEIG. He then thanked for the importance attached to the work of labor union by TOEC managers and hoped that all the deputies can be united as one, carry out their duties well and discuss the reform plan together to implement well the various works of 2012 under the complicated economic situation. The deputies made suggestions actively and approved the report made by the general manager Sun.
  At last, party secretary of TOEC, Zhang Zhenjiang made an important speech. He called for all the departments to study the conference spirit, grasp accurately its spirit, push forward the implementation of various works, constantly improve cultural soft power, inherit fine culture and forge a beautiful home with TOEC’s characteristics.


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