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快乐彩票APP |Increase Technical Input to Promote the Development of Radio Industry of Tianjin——EITC deputy direct and director of Radio Administration Committee of Tianjin Xi Huaijun visited TOEC

  On Feb 16, Tianjin EITC deputy director and director of Tianjin Radio Administration Committee (TRAC) Xi Huaijun, deputy director of TRAC Meng Chunsheng, chief of department of information industry of Tianjin EITC, Hu Xudong and other leaders went on a special trip to TOEC.
  TOEC general manager Sun Weidong extended his thanks to the leaders for their support and hoped to continue to get the instructions and help from the leaders at all levels. Sun Weidong made a speech on the work program of 2012 on technology and talent cultivation. He stressed that TOEC would put the national enterprise technical center into use this year, establish joint lab with the help of social resources to promote research cooperation, increase input into software industry and information safety products to spur enterprise’s input into technology and implement enterprise transformation and upgrading. TOEC would also plan to recruit high-end talents of related industries, increase technical input and equipment renovation input to forge core competitiveness related to TOEC’s technology and intensify efforts in upgrading products to follow the step of enterprise transformation and upgrading. Director of TOEC technical center, Lv Qianjin made a report on the status of development of information safety products. He said that the staff of technical center should have the courage to shoulder responsibilities, develop a highly-skilled R&D team and the ability to build a controllable technical platform and strengthen self-innovative ability.        
  After listening to the reports, director Xi Huaijun said: TOEC is an old military enterprise with great technology strength and has a strong momentum of development. TOEC is closely involved in radio industry. We need to rely on the powerful high-tech enterprises to cooperate in software development, terminal system and network maintenance to promote the great development of radio industry of Tianjin.


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