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快乐彩票APP |Enhance Confidence and Jointly Seek Development——board meeting of TOEC Technology Co., Ltd successfully held

  On April 20, the 1st board meeting of TOEC Technology Co., Ltd in 2012 was held. Chairman of the board, Zhang Bingjun presided the meeting. Sun Weidong, general manager, made a work report in the meeting. All the board members and supervisors were present at the meeting and made speeches.
  Attendees listened carefully to the work report and fully confirmed the achievements TOEC made in 2011. They expressed their gratitude and approval to the managers for their strenuous efforts and remarkable achievements after overcoming difficulties. They reached a consensus that the managers’ team had well implemented the spirit of board meeting, accomplished various targets and did an excellent job in promoting the development of key works.
  In the meantime, the attendees actively made pertinent and constructive suggestions for the development of the enterprise. It was believed that the year 2012 would be a difficult year facing complicated economic situations and it was really a hard work to make such appropriate economic targets.
  The attendees also hoped that the enterprise should keep putting more efforts in market development and R&D investment in future, cultivate qualified staff and push the sound development of key industries to pay back shareholders, staff and customers with better business performance and to become a responsible enterprise for society.
  • 2012 staff swimming competition was held on 25th, August. More than 200 players with 22 labor union branches competed for 9 games championship. The event was competitive and interesting to the participants and the audience.......
  • During 15th and 16th, September, TOEC managing staff went to Jixian, the outskirts of Tianjin for outward bound. All the trainees were very interested in the training and learnt a lot from the team building exercises.......


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