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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Held Assembly to Honor the 91st Anniversary of the Communist Party of China

  On June 29, TOEC held the assembly to honor the 91st anniversary of the communist party of China to the national anthem. Among the attendees were TOEC senior managers, representatives of retired veteran cadres and outstanding party member representatives. Deng Yali, vice president and secretary of discipline and inspection commission of TOEC presided over the assembly. 
  TOEC party secretary and vice president Zhang Zhenjiang delivered warmest greetings and sincere thanks to all of the party members of TOEC on be half of TOEC party committee. He said that during the past year, TOEC had implemented well the outlook on scientific development in compliance with the unified deployment of ZEIG party committee. In the face of the complicated economic situation, TOEC took up challenges, met all the economic targets successfully and made historical breakthroughs. TOEC party committee carried out the education to maintain party purity, innovated ways for party construction and enriched content of party construction work under the guidelines of the company’s development strategy, which provides strong political guarantee for TOEC development in the 12th 5-year plan. TOEC deputy party secretary and vice president Li Xu read out “ the Decisions to Award 2011-2012 TOEC Outstanding Party Branches and Party Members”. TOEC senior executives issued certificates of honor for the award-winners. Vice president Deng Yali expressed her hopes that all party branches and party members should earnestly implement the spirits of the speeches by leaders, carry out in-depth education to maintain party purity, uphold TOEC spirit and do a solid work, make new progress, adapt to the new situations and seize new opportunities to make new achievements for a better TOEC. 


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