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快乐彩票APP |Dozens of Banks and Investment Institutions Favor “TOEC”

  During June 10 to June 12, TOEC took part in the 6th China International Private Equity Forum (CIPEF) at Meijiang Conference and Exhibition Center jointly hosted by Tianjin municipal government, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology and Association for Corporate    Growth.Compared with the past few forums, the forum this year is larger in size and highlights the concept of technological finance aiming to strengthen communications between technological enterprises and financial institutions. During the forum, TOEC received hundreds of audiences for visit and consultancy and handed out more than a hundred brochures of TOEC, which achieved the goal for propaganda.More than 30 banks and investment organizations were attracted and negotiated with TOEC personnel at the exhibition stand in a bid to cooperate with TOEC in financing. The 6th CIPEF further has improved the image and public awareness of TOEC. 


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