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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Held the 2nd Quarter Regular Meeting for Economic Work

 On July 9, TOEC held the 2nd quarter regular meeting for economic work. During the meeting, a report was made about the progress of work in the 1st half of 2012. Constant progress has been made in marketing, R&D, quality control and capital management, according to the report. 
 TOEC on the whole ran smoothly, said TOEC general manager Mr. Sun, in the 2nd half, TOEC should continue investing in infrastructure construction and R&D. TOEC technology center should maintain the right direction as the core of enterprise upgrading and transformation and play a leading role in the process. 
 Party secretary of TOEC Zhang Zhenjiang pointed out that transformation is a long-time process both for enterprises and the nation. We shall overcome difficulties, enhance advantages and avoid disadvantages, improve technical content in products, build a better technical platform and clarify industrial development targets to get through the difficult economic environment and accomplish the task of TOEC transformation and upgrading. We shall put more efforts in developing and promoting proprietary products on the basis of current manufacturing business, fully motivate TOEC staff and search for effective solutions actively to meet the challenges of volatile economic environment. 


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