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快乐彩票APP |The Power of The Dream

  2012 is over. It has been a difficult year for all of us; 2013 is coming with brilliant dreams. At the special moment for welcoming the New Year, on behalf of the company, I’d like to pay tribute to all the staff of TOEC. During the difficult & hard 2012, all of us have deeply troubled by economic growth downturn pressure, also borne the responsibility for making a better life for employees. No hard work, dedication and the courage to take on responsibilities, no faith of brand new future, perseverance and dreams of all the staff, would TOEC not be it is today. Sincerely thanks to you for your hard working.
  At the end of the year, I’d like to extend my new year greetings to all of your families and express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the leaders at all levels, clients and friends from all sectors of the society, who have been great support to TOEC. 
  Looking back at 2012, economic downturn pressure increased; manufacturing industry faced extremely difficult challenges; new challenges and problems emerged incessantly, as expected at the start of the year. During the difficult year, we have achieved the goals with confidence and difficulties overcoming, whether in economic operation, or management, so our company has moved to a new stage and reached a new level. For the whole year of 2012, the company has completed the key jobs, such as increasing technical investments, carrying out transformation and upgrading, and realizing economic indicators. In particular, some key goals should be mentioned, for example, TOEC Science Park was built and put into use, meeting the sales target, “two key meetings” held, mechanism reform carried forward, breakthroughs of technology research and development made, and healthy capital operation.
  For the new year of 2013, challenges and opportunities come together. 2013 will be another difficult year. Whether economy downward pressure will continue increase or the hardship and pain for transformation of our company, these challenges will test our wisdom and power. We must be fully prepared and seriously value the challenges with strong sense of risk and crisis awareness. At the same time, TOEC will develop accompanied by opportunities, active and positive for its future. The company strategy "one central task" will be highlighted, then technology research and development is strengthened; independent accounting subsidiaries determine transformation with investment into talent and technology. Making good use of new opportunities and a good opening will be dependent on our operation ability and outstanding performance.
  As road decides the fate, thinking does decide the way out. After 18th CPC National Congress, fresh policy environment and the power of the dream encourage us to achieve our goals. Great dream of national rejuvenation for our country; dream of continuing innovated for TOEC, dream of pursuing progress for each of us, all the dreams are great. For 2013, we will further emancipate the minds, down-to-earth work and develop global vision; further increase investment, serious and responsible for job, carry out the transformation and upgrading ; keep up with the pace of times, change thought & idea, constantly raise technology investment, build talent team; play the power of culture, continue culture inheritance, search for new ideas, new increment and new mode, a unique way of sustainable development has been found out, relying on well-grounded work and dreams.
  As the New Year approaches, I wish all of you a happy and successful new year. 
General Manager:
                               Dec.31. 2012  
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