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快乐彩票APP |The First Economy Meeting of TOEC in 2011 Opened

  TOEC 2011 first economy meeting opened following the national anthem with much ceremony on Febr.22nd. General Manager Sun Weidong made an administrative working report titled by “increase technological investment, enhance market development, promote the transformation and upgrading, won the wonderful start” .Secretary of CPC Zhang Zhenjiang read out the result of rewarding for the outstanding departments and persons that made a great progress during the past year. Vice director of finance department Wang Shuhua made a report titled by “2010 TOEC business entertains cost usage” in the meeting. On behalf of the outstanding departments and persons, Ms Chai Liying read out the initiative. The outstanding departments and persons were promoted and conducted on site presentation in the meeting.
   Mr. Sun Weidong made an administrative working report on the main work in 2010 and work arrangements in 2011. He gave the summary on the eleventh five years achievement and made the mobilization for twelfth five years strategic plan, including the twelfth five years objective, strategy and main industry development ideas.
   Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, secretary of CPC of TOEC offered that the year 2010 was in the last period of financial crisis, with all staff effort, each work had excellent situation. Every unit should implement the spirit of the meeting as an important task, comprehensively and accurately understand and grasp the spiritual essence of the first economy meeting, work together to meet the new challenges, make a good start, and complete the tasks determined in the meeting.
  The high-level officers held a long discussion with the employee’s representatives and took the employee’s representatives advices and opinions seriously. With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, all representatives spoke their minds freely and performed their duties for the development of enterprises to actively offer advice and suggestions, reflecting the sense of ownership. The representatives had a common idea that the administrative working report is not only substantial in content and full of fresh ideas, but also practicable and encouraging.
   With all representative joint effort the meeting smoothly finished every agenda item. It was a meeting which formed not only unity of thinking and confidence, but also cohesion of the people. The meeting had great significance in the first year of twelfth five years.
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