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快乐彩票APP |Quicken the Pace of Readjusting Structure Build the Self-controlled Industry

  On February 12th, in order to do good job in promoting transformation and upgrading of the enterprise structure, TOEC invited director of China Electronics Enterprises Association Mr. Dong Yunting to gave talks in the fields of the electronic information industry facing situation and industrial developing strategy. The high-level management and related person heard the report. Vice general manager Ms. Lv xia hosted the meeting.
  Mr. Dong Yunting combined present status with future developments in China electronic information industry, regarded the twelfth five years electronic information industry development strategy and related industrial policy as the theme, gave talks on industrial present status, urgency of accelerating the change of development mode, ideas of implementing transformation and related industrial policy.
  After the meeting, the participant warmly responded to the report. Mr. Dong Yunting intercommunicated with the participants and gave a detailed reply to the question.
  In the 11th-five periods, TOEC regarded taking optical electrical equipment for brand and profit, taking electronic device for development, taking EMS industry for proportion as target, achieved good economic and social benefits, laid a solid foundation for future development and the creation of "TOEC" brand. In the 12th-five periods, TOEC would take "structural adjustment, promote change, focus on talent, go on the level" as main line, take national industrial development strategy and key development area as instruction. According to the “one Core, two Wing, six Axes” development strategy, TOEC would build a "high-end, high-quality, high-tech" industrial structure, accelerate to enhance the core competitiveness, focus on building self-controlled industry, make efforts to build everlasting electronic manufacturing enterprise.
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