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快乐彩票APP |Review classic stories in red holy place; learn modern management from PLA’s history

  To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and to practice the scientific perspective of development as well as to further implement the call of “excel in performance, innovate on practice”, in the middle of April, the party committee of TOEC organized over 30 management staff to attend a series training activities in the JingGangShan Party School; Liu Heping, Deputy General Manager of TOEC, accompanied and instructed for the training activities.
  It could even be said that the 3-day training activities are proceeding in a tense but an orderly way, however, none of the team members complained about the tensity of the training courses, in opposite, everybody was full of passion to participate in the training. Among the towering and steep mountains, across the pinewood and bamboo forest, in the Bei Shan cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, at the Huangyangjie Pass, in Chairman Mao’s former residence in Da Jing, in Xiaojing Red Army’s Hospital and the Jingganshan Revolution history museum, vivid scene by filed teaching took everyone to feel the mettle of the poem “from Huangyangchieh roars the thunder of guns, Word comes the enemy has fled into the night” ,to relive the utmost fortitude of the revolution history that the Chinese Communist Party members have ever created and to understand the profound mystery of “ a little spark kindles as great fire”. All of this could be helpful and useful for our modern enterprise to seek a way of “To Bat large by small, defeat a strong with a weak”, which could finally help us to achieve a commercial mode of striding development.


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