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快乐彩票APP |Product transition and upgradation laid foundation for TOEC rising industry

  In recent days, the pilot production of OEP 102 special-purpose laser printer has successfully completed, which shows the first type of information-security laser printer of TOEC has entered the step of mass production. The OEP 102 special purpose laser printer is the first set of information security laser printing equipment that has a whole package of self-innovated intellectual property, the birth of OEP 102 broke the long period monopolization that was occupied by the multi-national corporations on the industry of laser printing equipment in China. The self-innovated OEP 102 filled the blank in the area of security laser printer, which could provide stable safeguard for state printing security.
  After years of accumulation in information technology safety control, TOEC built up a whole package of self-innovated intellectual property that covers the whole laser-printing designing area. This package includes the hardware platform, the capability of self-innovation in structure, a whole set of module in laser-printing. The products series are considered a breakthrough in the traditional concept in using fax. It is a new integration of color scanning, printing, multi-net fax and data communication platform. This successful integration is based on a long-term painstaking effort, and will assure the company a sustainable cash-flow in the coming future. TOEC will continuously focus on the office terminal information control; enhance its own position in the project control. Meanwhile, expand the market share through a facilitated conversation with clients from all walks. With the concerted efforts of the company’s employees, the company will eventually become a market leader in its area.


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