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快乐彩票APP |Implementation of the Regulations on the Informatization Promotion in Tianjin

  To implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, promote an in-depth integration of Informationization and Industrialization, accelerate Informationization in economic and social fields as well as to enhance the city's comprehensive information level, Li Yali, Deputy Director of Tianjing Municipal People's Congress and Liu Huabin, Vice Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People Congress headed 31 Deputies to the Municipal People's Congress investigated our company on April 1.
  Mr. Sun Weidong, the general manager of TOEC, gave a report entitled “speed up the construction of enterprise the Informationization and improve their core competitiveness". From the personnel training, management, technology development, market development and other aspects, the achievements made by our company through the Informationization construction were generalized. Also, a proposal aiming to accelerate the enterprise Informationization has been put forward.
  The Deputy Director Li Yali and other Deputies visited the modern production line after listening to the report. Li expressed satisfaction with the achievements as a result of the Informationization construction and hoped TOEC will continue to carry forward the old military glorious tradition, keep pace with the times, and perform innovation and development, so as to make new contributions and bring the electronics industry in Tianjin to a new stage.
  Zhang Zhenjiang, the secretary of the Party committee of TOEC accompanied during the visit.


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