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快乐彩票APP |National Incentive Policies Promoting Phase II Project

  In accordance with the general requirements of the “12th Five Year Plan” and guidance of scientific development concept, following the strategic direction of “one center, two-wings and six axis”, TOEC in 2011 strives to promote healthy and sustainable development of its major industry and pushes forward economic restructuring and industrial upgrading as top priorities for their long-term benefits so as to prepare for a good beginning of the “12th Five Year Plan” and build an ever flourishing enterprise. The TOEC properly launches the “Binhai New Area Phase II” project which can make preparations for the introduction of new and large project in addition to provide hardware security services. At the same time, all functional departments enhances their service awareness to offer better services based on the development and operation conditions of the TOEC. Moreover, the Marketing Department has carried out in-depth “A Good" campaign through which to emancipate our minds, concentrate on economic work, break new ground in project management mode, overcome various difficulties as well as implement national policies in a multiple way. As a result, more than ten projects have been declared to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Information Industry (MII), State Administration of Science Technology, Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) and commission of Tianjin municipal government.
    By the end of May, "TOEC’s manufacturing base Phase II project of electronic information products” has been included in the “special project on key investment in industrial revitalization and technological transformation within the 2011 central government budget". At the beginning of this year, the Marketing Department, with the help of relevant units including the Comprehensive Security Department, carefully planned to achieve the project innovation during the construction process of Phase II project. We communicated and reported more than 20 times to the NDRC, MII and commission of Tianjin municipal government, coupled with about 5 times overall modification of declaration documents, a total of more than 30 staff’s working overtime exceeding 100 hours. Just the electronic version of basic documents of feasibility report occupied up to 80 megabytes of space. Thanks to unremitting efforts of all declaring panel staff, the project has ended up getting great supports from the competent authorities at all levels.
    As an enterprise of Tianjin, and an enterprise of Binhai New Area, TOEC has the precious advantage of both location and opportunity. “Phase II in Binhai New Area” project will bring TOEC the good opportunity to follow the development of Binhai New Area, with which TOEC could improve its own industry structure adjustment and increase the capability of electric product designing and manufacturing. At the same time, the relevant industries and sub factories could be merged to further explore the market and deepen technical innovation, and could finally cultivate and develop the core competitiveness of skill and technology as well as follow the transition and upgradation to keep the leading position in state electric & information industry for TOEC.


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