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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Attended 18TH China Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair

  On 28th May, 2011, at Mei Jiang Exhibition Center, the 18th China Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair was held with grand opening ceremony.
  At Mei Jiang Exhibition Center, TOEC together along with brother companies from Zhong Huan Electronics Group decorated the show booth and participated in this Exhibition during the entire period. At the exhibition, the enterprise culture and image, current enterprise status and brand influence of TOEC has been presented to all visitors and guests. Meanwhile, besides the high-end plain paper faxes and GSM Wireless Fax as well as Solar LED lighting devices, for the first time, Laser Information Security Printers and Thermal Tattoo Stencil Copier Machines have been on show. Wang Yeping, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin paid his special visit to TOEC’s Show booth in person. Among the products brought to the exhibition, the GSM Wireless Fax and Solar LED lighting devices drew lots of attention of foreign guests. CEO form Top Choice Motors and his partner made their tour to TOEC after the exhibition, the production line of GSM Wireless Fax and the LED show room were the key places of their tour. Both TOEC and Top Choice Motor were optimistic about the future of cooperation.
  • On April 21st, the No. 20 of the 2nd board meeting of Tianjin Optical Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled. Chairman Zhang Bingjun hosted the meeting, General Manager Mr. SUN Weidong delivered a work report to the board, and directors......
  • In accordance with the general requirements of the 12th Five Year Plan and guidance of scientific development concept, following the strategic direction of one center, two-wings and six axis, TOEC in 2011 strives to promote healthy and sustainable dev......


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