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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Makes Large Investment to Ensure Product Quality

  With the fast development of science and technology, equipment technology is more and more intensive, system integration degree becomes higher and higher, customers’ demand for the quality and reliability of electron components and mechanical and electrical products is also becoming more and more critical. Therefore, TOEC invested almost 1 million in purchasing “Shock Testing Machine” and “Electro -dynamic Shakers”. Earlier in July, those equipments were already put into operation after installation, debugging, measuring and operational training.
  The “Shock Testing Machine” is mainly used to simulate the environment where the products are collided when being used, loaded or unloaded and transported to confirm the adaptability of the products to various forces of impact and evaluate its structure. The biggest loading of the equipment is 200Kg with a maximum 1600mm drop height. The shock pulse can be changed by adjusting mesa height. The “Electro -dynamic Shakers” can conduct multiple vibration tests such as vertical or horizontal sine, random and collision, etc. The maximum displacement of mesa of the equipment reaches 51mm. The equipment also has a low frequency distortion and high loading capacity.
  Following the application of new equipments, product test cycle will be reduced and work efficiency will be promoted, which provides another reliable way to ensure product quality. 


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