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快乐彩票APP |TOEC becomes a Member of the Newly-established Binhai New Area Cloud Computing Industry Alliance

  On July 19, 2011, the founding ceremony of Binhai new area cloud computing industry alliance and the first member conference was held at the Teda International Club in Binhai new area. Wang Sheng, deputy district governor of Tianjin Binhai new area, Sun Gang, deputy director of Tianjin Economy and Informatization Committee, Jin Donghu, director of Tianjin Binhai new area Economy and Informatization Committee, Qiao Youlin, director of department of “Informatization & Industrilization”Integration and main leaders from Binhai new area Committee of Science, Binhai new area Economy and Informatization Committee and other related departments and unit leaders from members of the alliance attended the activity.
  Cloud computing is a new trend of information technology development following PC and Internet and is an important opportunity and key filed for developing emerging information industry which will create new industry form, industry chain and industry ecology. Taking the opportunity of cloud computing and making an early start will accelerate the development of Tianjin information industry and speed up the Transformation process of the pattern of economic development for Tianjin, which will surely exert favorable and profound influence on the sustainable and healthy development of Tianjin economy.
  Binhai new area cloud computing industry alliance has 35 members with National Supercomputer Tianjin Center being elected the chairman unit of the alliance, Tianjin Teda Technology Development Group Corporation being secretary-general unit and TOEC and other units being its members.
  TOEC will take the opportunity of cloud computing and study the core technology of information security technology in cloud security and innovative application in service outsourcing, equipment manufacturing, port logistics and other key areas so as to develop cloud security products and technical solutions with independent intellectual property to increase the core competitiveness of TOEC and speed up strategic emerging industry distribution and industry structure upgrading to ensure the sustainable development of “twelfth five-year plan”.

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