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快乐彩票APP |Emancipate Mind, Implement Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading to Promote the Splendid Beginning of “Twelfth Five-year Plan” for TOEC

  On August 19, 2011, TOEC 2011 midyear economic work conference was held as scheduled. TOEC Party secretary and vice general manager, Zhang Zhenjiang presided over the conference. High-level and middle-level managers, young talents from the company and all units attended the conference. The main purpose of the conference is as follows: summarize the work implemented during the first half of 2011, make an analysis on the current situation, face up to the problems, study on implementing the work to be conducted during the second half year and further clarify the question on how to develop the 3 major industries of TOEC during the “twelfth five-year plan”; Unify thinking, promote and implement business transformation and upgrading to guarantee the smooth accomplishment of this year’s task and anticipated goal and realize the splendid beginning of TOEC “twelfth five-year plan”.
  During the conference, Sun Weidong, general manager of TOEC made the work report. He made a wonderful and practical speech on the first half work summarization, peripheral economic situation analysis, mind-emancipation and transformation and upgrading implementation, key work to do in the second half. Generally speaking, currently, TOEC is running smoothly with sufficient, normally input and well-managed capital, forming a healthy, active and upward developing situation. In the meanwhile, Mr. Sun, the general manager, made a request of emancipating minds and implementing well the work of enterprise transformation and upgrading of TOEC.
  Zhang Zhenjiang, TOEC party secretary made the summary speech. He stressed that 2011 is the beginning year of TOEC’s “twelfth five-year plan” and hoped leaders from all units focus on the goal and make a good start. He also proposed two pieces of advice: first, the priority of this year’s work is business transformation and upgrading. TOEC has already made large investment and made sufficient preparations in hardware: an area of 56,000 m2 workshop of 2nd phase of Binhai new area project is already completed. It can be put into use in the first half of next year as estimated, which makes a strategic reserve for TOEC attracting investment and implementing transformation and upgrading. The National R & D center on Meijiang road is also under construction and can be put into use by the end of June next year. The implementation of the two major projects enhances the confidence of TOEC in the work of transformation and upgrading. Second, the current external economic environment is not favorable. It is estimated that its impact on the economy will be even greater than that of 2008. To seek better development, TOEC must be prepared both in mind and in talented personnel cultivation. In cultural aspect, mainstream culture of TOEC must be advocated. Top leader in charge of party job and administration shall adhere to culture construction and build a nice business atmosphere to help enterprise to tide over the difficulties and forge an “evergreen” enterprise. In the aspect of talents cultivation, to ensure the smooth operation of TOEC “twelfth five-year plan”, more efforts should be put into cultivating excellent leaders and staff. Talent is the first productive force. Only abundant talents can ensure the development of enterprise. TOEC will strengthen efforts in succession of the new leaders to the old and in cultivation of young talents.
  The success of the 2011 midyear economic work conference achieves the purpose of unifying thinking, thoughts and concepts and will bring in new impetus in accomplishing the economic work of the second half of 2011 and business transformation and upgrading.


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