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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Technology Co, Ltd Held the 21st Session of the 2nd Board Meeting

  On Sep 29, TOEC Technology Co, Ltd held its 21st session of the 2nd board meeting. Zhang Bingjun, chairman of the board presided over the meeting and made a speech. Director and general manager Sun Weidong made a work report, other directors and supervisors also attended and spoke in the meeting.
The board listened carefully to the “2011 mid-year work report” made by Sun Weidong. During the following discussion, all the directors and supervisors reached a consensus that TOEC did a great job despite the adverse economic environment and difficulties during the first half year. The board also praised the managers for their outstanding performance during work after overcoming all kinds of difficulties when facing great pressure from outside environment.
  The board hoped that all the managers could lead all the staff and keep working hard to ensure that this year’s task is fully accomplished and continue increasing technological R&D input, strengthen independent innovation ability to develop more new products as the economic strong point for enterprise transformation and upgrading.
  In a harmonious atmosphere the board meeting came to an end.


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