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快乐彩票APP |Passion, Vigor, Happy and Healthy----Successful Arrangement of Staff Sports Meeting of 2011

  Golden autumn brings us nice and cool feelings. Tianjin TOEC “Passion Vigor Happy and Healthy Staff Sports Meeting of 2011” has been hold in Tianjin Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade on September 18th. In this harvest season. The leaders of TOEC, Sun Weidong, Zhang Zhenjiang, Yu Rifang, Deng Yali, Lv Xia, Deng Heping, and Li Xu arrived personally the competition scene to watch sports game. The sports meeting was chaired by Deputy General Manager and President of the Union of TOEC Deng Yali.
  The sports meeting has been started at 8:00. After the fierce competition, it yielded a total of 119 pieces of gold ,silver and bronze medals. The leaders awarded medals and trophies to the athletes and units. In this harvest season, employees reaped not only the trophies and medals, but also harmony, joy, vigor and prospect. Wish all the people in TOEC will be more harmonious and happy.


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