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快乐彩票APP |Stepping into a New Industry TOEC Attended CIHE

  On September 18, 2011, the first 4-day long “China (Tianjin) International Helicopter Exposition”(CIHE) held in the Airport Economic Zone of Tianjin Binhai new area came to an end.
  TOEC attended the expo and displayed 3 new products jointly developed with Chendu University of Electronic Science and Technology, one of which attracted extensive attention. Tian Zhong, dean of Electronic Science and Technology Research Institute of Chendu University of Electronic Science and Technology and teacher Zhou Ming, also visited the expo. Through the expo, the work of building Binhai new area joint lab was enhanced, customer needs and development direction were also further clarified
  The CIHE was held during the period of transformation and upgrading of “the 12th 5-year” plan of TOEC. The participation in the expo will forge a good foundation for TOEC in stepping into the industry and generate good publicity effect for the enterprise.


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