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快乐彩票APP |A Beauty of dancing, singing, and people; A splendid view of of TOEC

  In the afternoon on Sep. 6th, a musical drama named “Inscription to TOEC”by 67 performers, which had cost three months carefull organization, presented in the performance “Praises to CPC and Mother Country & Views of Zhonghuan” by Zhonghuang Group. General Manager Mr. Sun Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, and President of Labor’s Union Miss Deng Yali were invited for presence. Nearly 100 TOEC stuffs of middle-level officers, presidents of branch unions and performers watched the performance. It does not only reflected the cultural connotations of the company, but also fully showed the era style and spiritual appearance of “TOEC people”. The performance was held successfully with everybody’s hard work, and was honored by Leaders at all levels.


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