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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Held the 3rd Quarter Economic Meeting of 2011

  On October 13, leaders from all departments and units of TOEC attended the 3rd quarter economic meeting of 2011. Vice general manager, Lv Xia presided over the meeting who also made a report on the completion performance of the 3rd quarter economic targets, import plan, special product plan, fixed asset investment and reconstruction plan, new product plan, recruitment plan, training plan, security plan, fire protection plan, confidentiality plan and quality plan, etc.
  Deng Yali, vice general manager, emphasized the problem of labor-employment and talent-cultivation: TOEC will put more efforts in carrying out skill competitions, strengthen skill cultivation for labors and adjust labor structure to improve the high labor turnover rate and stabilize labor team.
  Zhang Zhenjiang, the party secretary of TOEC pointed out that the achievements in the first 3 quarters were hard-earned. All the units should analyze their positions and direction for development clearly and strengthen the senses of crisis and urgency to make a long-run plan for enterprise development. All the safety hazards shall be eliminated in the embryonic stage to fully prepare to complete the annual target.
  The general manager, Sun Weidong made the requests that top leaders of all units should hold a perspective view towards the development of enterprise, increase technological input, lead the team well to cope with the problems such as exchange rate fluctuation and labor-shortage and spare no efforts to work hard in the 4th quarter to accomplish the target of 2011.
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