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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Kicks off the 5th “Young Talents” Project

  On November 25, TOEC launched the 5th “Young Talents” project as scheduled.
  To implement the requirement of 12th 5-year plan of TOEC, promote sustainable development of the company, and build a scientific mechanism in talents selecting and nurturing, TOEC established the project of “Young Talents”. In accordance with the selection procedure, 68 candidates were selected through recommendation and carried on assessment, primary-level interview, achievement test, interview and comprehensive evaluation on each individual candidate. In combination of the need for talent team building of related departments and the development of major industry, 20 candidates are selected the “Young Talents” as the key personnel to be trained. TOEC will make appropriate measures to train the selected talents through master-apprentice teaching, systematic training, visiting and investigation, posts-communication and achievement exhibition. The company will also closely follow the training program to carry out systematic guidance and evaluation to insure the effective implementation of the training program and encourage the young talents to grow fast. The company compiles the “management manual to cultivate young talents” to improve their training performance, and evaluates young cadres systematically based on their individual performance. The party department and human resources department will be responsible for communicating and following talents’ performance during training. The performance of the young cadres will be evaluated regularly. Their performance will also be shared and evaluated periodically. At scheduled time, the tutors, company leaders and department leaders will be invited to judge the performance of the young cadres in the forms of thesis defense, in-basket test and leaderless group discussion. When the training is over, training achievement exhibition and assessment defense will be organized. And the leader team will make suggestions of appointment for outstanding talents based on the assessment results.
  In short, TOEC will adopt different forms of training to make the young talents become the pillars of the company as soon as possible.


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