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快乐彩票APP |Broaden Horizon and Seize opportunities

  TOEC held a training session for middle and senior cadres on “current international situation and strategic choice for China”
  On November 5, director of department of party-building teaching research of party school of Tianjin, Jia Xiping, was invited to TOEC to give a lecture for middle and high-level cadres, factory director assistants, assistant minister and young talents on “current international situation and strategic choice for China”. Professor Jia narrated the aim, overall arrangement and strategy of Chinese diplomacy in the 12th 5-year plan from the perspectives of strategic thinking ability, innovative thinking ability and dialectical thinking ability. Professor also Jia pointed out that China faces both opportunities and challenges in the current international situation.
  Professor Jia vividly illustrated his profound points with plenty of cases and abundant statistics. The lecture has greatly enlightened TOEC leaders and cadres, broadened their international horizons, enhanced their political sensitivity and predictability for corporate development and improved the pertinence and effectiveness of corporate leaders and cadres on making business plan for next year. After the lecture, the trainees expressed that it is an essential requirement for the enterprise to accelerate the transformation of economic development pattern to take the advanced position in the international competition during post-international financial crisis. It is urgent to make a judgment on domestic economic situation comprehensively and transform the economic development pattern and we must predict early and act fast. In the meantime, TOEC must make changes to upgrade the enterprise from a world manufacturing base to a world innovation base, change the economic development pattern, upgrade technology and work hard at the course of forging a long-lasting electronic manufacturer.


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