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快乐彩票APP |New Year Greetings

  At this moment to bidding farewell to the year of 2011 and ushering in the year of 2012, on behalf of the company and myself, I’d like to pay tribute to all the staff of TOEC, and extend my sincere appreciation to those who work hard at the production lines. It is you who bear the hopes and future of the company. Without your dedication and sacrifice, TOEC would not achieve so much. I hereby would like to extend my sincere thanks for your hard work.
  As the end of the year, I’d like to extend my new year greetings to all of your families and express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the leaders at all levels who have been a great support to TOEC, and to military chiefs, clients and all sectors of the society.
  During the past year, we have overcome many difficulties and successfully standed all kinds of tests. Just as predicted at the beginning of the year, manufacturing industry had a very difficult year. It faced a great deal of new challenges and problems. Despite the difficulty, the company entered a new stage both in economic operation and enterprise management. During the year, we enhanced efforts in technological input, promoted enterprise transformation and upgrading and completed the economic indicators. Wages of the company’s staff have been raised. The pledge of “develop enterprise, benefit staff and serve society” is well implemented. During the year, our staff have made progress and worked with an innovative and pragmatic spirit. Our infrastructure projects were carried out. Main construction work of Binhai project 2nd phase has been completed. The national technological center located in Meijiang has started to take shape. Excellent team of cadres and staff, proactive hardware strategic reserve and complete management qualification system are the keys to our achievements.
  Economic predictions for U.S.A and Europe in the upcoming 2012 are negative, which means another economic crisis is probably lying ahead. Looking back to history, Asian financial crisis in 1998 greatly damaged the “Four Asian Tigers”. In the following years, though, China maintained 2-digit growth rate for nearly 10 years after joining WTO. Internet crisis in 2000 caused many bankruptcies in Silicon Valley, but in the following 10 years, great companies represented by GOOGLE emerged. The history indicates that “the winter for others may turn out to be the spring for us”. Opportunity is always hidden in crisis, but the precondition to catch that opportunity is whether you are positive and innovative enough to ready for it.
  As a 60-year long military enterprise, we possess the essential military qualifications that have a strong political nature and a high threshold to access. We have international export qualifications and broad market channels and international market. Besides, we also have an excellent team of cadres and staff and a complete management system. Now we are putting great efforts in increasing technological input and enterprise transformation and upgrading. Therefore, we have the foundation, the ability and confidence to expand in size and make profits in the military market and to make good and steady progress in civilian product industry.
  The world is changing, China is changing, Tianjin is changing, and so is TOEC. Our subject is to put away the defensive gesture and to keep progressing. Since we can not change the world, we have got to change ourselves. We already hear the salute of New Year and see the beckon of opportunity. Duty is propelling us, victory is encouraging us. As long as we are high-spirited, vigorous and creative and keep forging ahead, nothing can stop us moving forward. As long as we have dreams and passions, the vision of building a long-lasting company will be realized.
  As the New Year approaches, I wish all of you a happy and successful new year.
General Manager:
                              Dec.31. 2011 


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