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快乐彩票APP |“Safety Printer” Rated as 2011 National Torch Program Project

  National Torch Program is a guiding program for developing high-tech industry. The program is oriented domestic and international market demand. Its goal is to develop high-tech products and realize industrialization and forge high-tech enterprises.
  “Safety Printer” is a new member of TOEC office products. The project is rated as national torch program project in 2011. It is a safety laser printing equipment of TOEC with independent intellectual property rights, which fills in the technological gap for domestic office printing equipment in safety audit and memory reset. The emergence of “Safety Printer” breaks the 30-year monopoly of U.S.A and Japan in global printer technology field and enterprise groups through the implementation of the program.
  • On Dec 12, 2011, the 2nd China Electronics Summit also known as Commendation Ceremony for Outstanding Enterprises of National Electric Information Industry was held in Wanshou hotel, Beijing. Leaders from different cities and provinces and outstanding......
  • At this moment to bidding farewell to the year of 2011 and ushering in the year of 2012, on behalf of the company and myself, Id like to pay tribute to all the staff of TOEC, and extend my sincere appreciation to those who work hard at the production ......


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