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快乐彩票APP |ZEIG Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Zhang Delu and Board of Supervisors of Tianjin SASAC Visited TOEC

  In order to carry out well the routine inspection and annual inspection work, on the afternoon of Dec 1, headed by discipline inspection commission secretary and labor union chairman of Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronics Information Group Co., Ltd. (ZEIG), Zhang Delu, the board of supervisors of Tianjin SASAC came to TOEC for investigation and survey.
  TOEC general manager Sun Weidong made a report titled “strengthen corporate management and optimize operation mechanism construction” to the board of supervisors in aspects of corporate equity structure, decision-making process, state of operation, financial management and auditing. After listening to the report and a visit to science and technology museum of TOEC, the board gave sufficient affirmation to TOEC’s work in implementing collective decision-making system under the leadership of board of directors and expressed their appreciation for the good effects of TOEC achieved through managing capability. The board also spoke highly of TOEC’s practice in attaining steady growth by constantly expanding major industry scale and gave some suggestions.
  TOEC party secretary Zhang Zhenjiang, vice general manager Deng Yali and Lv Xia also accompanied the board of supervisors in the investigation and survey. 
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