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快乐彩票APP |New Year Greeting

  The year 2010 would be over soon, representing a year, also representing a node. At this moment, the eleventh five-year plan successfully ended, the twelfth five- year plan set sail filled with pride.
  Taking inventory of the year, the Chinese development power was for us an inexhaustible source of confidence.
  The global economy slowly recovered, the developed countries lowly went forward and the Chinese economy rapidly grew. In this year, the Chinese GDP surpassed the Japan to become the world's second largest economy for the first time. It was not only a landmark event but also a milestone in Chinese economic development.
  Taking inventory of the year, the Binhai area development speed was for us a great encouragement.
  Maintained the growth rate of more than 25%, Binhai New Area was in the high position of Chinese economic rapid growth, the major industrial projects put forward in full swing and speed.
  Taking inventory of the year, TOEC had break in the transmission, also had span in the break.
  TOEC adhered to the strategy and culture, and seriously implemented the eleventh five-year plan and work in the year 2010. With the joint efforts of all the staff, we basically completed the objectives of the eleventh five-year plan, and the company maintained a positive, healthy and upward development trend. In the year 2010, we promoted the twelfth five-year plan, described the development blueprint for the next five years; increased efforts to train young cadres, built the evergreen enterprise talents structure; increased efforts to develop market, formed a horizontal and vertical market development; opened the second phase construction of new factory, made the follow-up strategic reserve; completed four military certifications, provided the leap development of military products; received the award of national enterprise technological center, enhanced the development platform of technological R&D; and held the celebration meeting of the 60 anniversary, strengthened the cadres sense of responsibility and mission.
  In the year 2011, with the continuation of the financial crisis, the global economy will slowly go forward, and Western developed countries are in the slow growth period. The easier monetary policy and the substantial tax cutting plan of the United States, the sovereign debt crisis and bank debt crisis in the euro zone will be likely to bring global trade friction, exchange rate change, or even the currency war. The budget cuts from Britain, France and other Western countries, the high unemployment rate and the deflation led by the United States as well as developed countries are inevitable. The emerging economies led by China, are more active, slow down, still maintain a rapid growth trend, the inflation pressure appears.
  By surveying the international and domestic economic situation, it is not good news for most of our export-oriented enterprises, transformation and upgrading, we have to face, are top priority in 2011.
  The year 2010 is not only the first year of the twelfth five-year plan but also a critical year for changing economic development mode. As a part of manufacturing sector, the company should recognize the situation and follow the general trend, according to the direction of national development, actively integrate into the economic trend, further emancipate the mind, push forward the transformation and upgrading, increase technology investment, develop emerging markets, do a good job in talent training and cultural heritage in order to make good start for twelfth five-year plan and ready for building evergreen enterprise.
  The new year's bell will be rung soon, with sincere gratitude and warm new year's blessing, I, as a representative of TOEC, will express my most sincere thanks to the persons who give most support and long standing care to the development of company. I will also extend deep gratitude to the employees who do the hard work over the past year.
  I wish you a happy new year and everything turns out as you wish.
General Manager:
                               Dec.31. 2012  


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