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快乐彩票APP |The First Economy Meeting of TOEC in 2010 Opened

  TOEC 2010 first economy meeting opened following the national anthem with much ceremony on Febr.7th. General manager Sun Weidong made an administrative working report titled by “Pay more attention to investment, regulate industrial structure, reach a new standard, make great efforts to train outstanding young cadres for the 12th five-year plan layout.” The administrative working report reviewed the performance in the year 2009, predicted the economic situation and made the work arrangements for this year. Generally speaking, in 2010 guided by the scientific development perspectives we should strictly implement the existing strategies and sustain the business conception “four ideas”, which include steady development and efficiency assurance, industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, the thinking freedom and the view worldwide, base on human beings and benefit to employees. In the year of 2010, TOEC will strengthen the training and appointing of the young cadres, increase investment for R&D and marketing and improve the basic management level for the 12th five-year plan and long-term development layout. Meanwhile, TOEC put forward the six focal points of the work. Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang read out the result of rewarding, and rewarded the outstanding departments and persons that made a great progress during the past year.
  Board chairman of TOEC Zhang Bingjun gave an important speech. He made the claims that the past year was not only the quite a year and the most difficult year in the new century, but also the most powerful influential year for our export-oriented enterprise. It was not easy for TOEC to gain excellent achievements through great efforts. We should seriously summarize the experience and further develop the experience in the period of 12th five-year plan. In order to ascertain major direction and objective for the next five year, he brought forward the “three insist” opinion. Firstly, we should insist on certain things that do and not do. We should grasp the main industries, especially the pillar industries and combine our advantages with market demands to develop our industry. Secondly, we should insist on the priority of talent, market and technology. Human resource and R$D are not cost but capital, we must make a budget. The reservation of talents, market and technology is the fortune of enterprise, so we should further emancipate our minds, be more daring and move ahead faster. Thirdly, we should insist on the enterprise culture “honesty, respect, customer, creativity”. The four words culture covers more content and spirit, it stretch into every corner of the daily work. We should cherish the hard-earned brand and contribute effort to it. Everyone is the member of TOEC, and TOEC can not development without everybody’s support. Everyone who drinks beer will think beer.
  The high-level officers held a long discussion with the employee’s representatives and took the employee’s representatives advices and opinions seriously. The representatives had a common idea that the administrative working report is not only substantial in content and full of fresh ideas, but also practicable and encouraging and offered they will further emancipate the mind and keep the whole world in view, further adjust and upgrade the industrial structure, and take the opportunity of Binhai new area to dealing with the financial crisis. They will fulfill the six focal points of the work to make sure the realization of the objective and make efforts to build sustained development enterprise.
  Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, secretary of CPC of TOEC delivered a passionate speech at the meeting. He offered that the first economic meeting in 2010 was very successful, showed the gratitude to the hard work TOEC high level officers and all employees did and wished the achievements TOEC gained in 2009. The administrative working report expressed the voice of the majority of the employee’s, the objective in 2010 and the 12th five-year plan brought us not only excitement and inspiration but responsibility and pressure. We should persist on the idea “scientific development, rapidly development” to provide political support for enterprise development. Meanwhile, we should broaden world view, raise strategic knowledge and prepared for adversities. Hope all employees work hard to ensure the implement of the meeting spirit.
  The meeting smoothly finished every agenda item, and the administrative working report was accepted with unanimous approval by the employee’s representatives. The meeting concluded successfully with the National Anthem.
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