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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Held the Senior-Level Manager Interview Conference

  On March 19th, in order to further implement the first economy meeting spirit, TOEC held the senior-level manager interview conference. The conference titled by search opportunity for key breakthroughs and adjustment structure for industry upgrading focused on the four insist ideas and six focal points of work. The dialogue of the interview between senior management and host involved development direction, industry development, market development and harmonious life. The conference made TOEC management and employees fully prepare for the thought.
  • The board meeting of TOEC Technology Co., Ltd. and TOEC Group Co., Ltd. respectively opened on 5th and 22nd March. Board chairman of TOEC, Mr. Zhang Bingjun hosted the meeting. The general manager of TOEC, Mr. Sun Weidong made a working report and TOE......
  • From March 8th to 10th, China New Era quality management system certification center conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the GJB quality management system. The audit evaluated the adequacy, effectiveness and suitability of the TOEC quality managem......


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