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快乐彩票APP |Board Meeting of TOEC Opened as Scheduled

  The board meeting of TOEC Technology Co., Ltd. and TOEC Group Co., Ltd. respectively opened on 5th and 22nd March. Board chairman of TOEC, Mr. Zhang Bingjun hosted the meeting. The general manager of TOEC, Mr. Sun Weidong made a working report and TOEC board members, supervisors and other related persons presented.
  All the board members and supervisors showed praise to the achievement TOEC fulfilled in 2009, offered valuable suggestions for the TOEC development and had a common idea that in the year 2009 although the financial crisis had an impact on the TOEC development, TOEC successfully finished various tasks and made a hard-earned achievement through the employee’s great effort to overcome the difficulties. In the year 2010, TOEC took the international and domestic economic situation in hand and did a good job for talents squad construction, increased the investment on the R&D and marketing development for the industry and product structure exchange and upgrading in order to become a long-term developed and social responsible enterprise with better management achievement that bring stockholder a investing return and benefit employees.


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