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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Established Training Base with ZhuoZhou Vocational Education Center

  Recently, TOEC made corporate agreement with ZhuoZhou vocational Education center. The event opened new doors not just for student’s employment to the center but for the great role in the enterprise labor. In order to further promote the talents training which based on the agreement, TOEC established the training base for students and became the major practice and training sites for students. The inauguration ceremony of training base was held on March 8th, TOEC vice general manager Ms Deng Yali hosted the ceremony, secretary of CPC Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang and director of ZhuoZhou vocational Education center Mr. Zhang Kunming made a passionate speech.
  Up to now, Zhuozhou vocational Education center had sent another more than 300 students to enterprise for training after the first batch of 200 students plus. The technology and ability of students enhanced and the personal inadequacy relieved, both the enterprise and center benefited.


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