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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Hold the Emergent Raising Funds Activity for Disaster-Earthquake in QingHai Province

  On Aril 14th, the earthquake happened in the Yushu county, QingHai province shocked the whole country. The earthquake resulted in the tremendous damage and disaster for the fellowmen and deeply rocked the TOEC staff. In order to help our fellowmen beat the disaster, TOEC immediately hold the emergent raising funds activity for earthquake. Up to the May 19th, TOEC received the donation from 2421 employees totally, the sum of funds reached to the 58.4 thousands. Later another fund worth 2.3 thousands was received from army representatives, employees and employees relatives. The activities proved the TOEC staff lofty feeling of selfless dedication and help the distressed. The love transmission will promote the hard work and advance the activities among the TOEC employees, TOEC employees will go forward hand in hand to tide over the difficulty with the fellowmen and obtain the victory as soon as possible.


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