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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Hold Regular Meeting of Economic Work in the First Quarter of 2010

  TOEC hold regular meeting of economic work in the first quarter of 2010 on April 8th, TOEC vice general manager Ms. Lv Xia hosted the event. The enterprise economic situation, human resource management and other related issues had been analyzed and summarized in the meeting.
  The working plan in the issues included economic indicator of TOEC in 2010, export products, special products, new products, fixed assets investment and reform, quality and training was announced in the meeting, the enterprise economic situation in the first quarter was summarized. Meanwhile, the economic key issues in the second quarter that the keystone for risk prevention is manage costs and the emphasis for opportunity grasp is economic situation and policy was put forward in the meeting. In the management of human resource, all the departments and factories should actively support the human resource department staff recruitment and retention, realize the market situation to integrate with the market and establish the talents troop with a long-term view, concentrate on talents structure adjustment.
  According to the economic situation in the first quarter, the CPC sectary of TOEC, Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang pointed out that although the situation in first quarter is well, we should have correct self-oriented and sense of pressure to conform with 2010 economic situation, we should pay much attention to the safety in the production, especially the fire prevention issue to guarantee the production safety with fire prevention plan, we should maintain the good development environment to guarantee the economic development.
  Considering the uncertain factors of economic situation in the future, general manager Mr. Sun Weidong further pointed out the problems in the first quarter and stressed that the enterprise got off to a good start this quarter and had achieved the better result, but many management issues had been revealed, the management lagged behind the operation; due to much orders and full production in the second quarter, we should focus on the on site management to eliminate the existed safety and quality hidden troubles; the management should have the sense of pressure, active explore the approach to the issues and change ideas with the market variety; we have more pressure of target in the special product and the technical and marketing responsible person should have more discussion with old customers, learn more demands from old customers and explore new opportunity in the new area to guarantee the accomplishment of the twelfth five years plan; every management staff in the management department should change ideas, improve and enhance the service consciousness for the enterprise development. 


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