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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Developed the “Strive for Advance and Excellence” Activity

  On May 20th, the “Strive for Advance and Excellence” Activity mobilization meeting began. The CPC secretary of TOEC made a deployment titled by extensive develop enforcement program on “Strive for Advance and Excellence” activity among the CPC branches and members in TOEC. In the meeting, Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang pointed that as one of the state owned large and medium sized enterprises, the CPC organizations played the role of political core and fighting bastion in the enterprise reform and development, while the CPC members fully played the exemplary role in the same time. We should seriously learn and grasp the spirit of the speech from the Central Committee and Municipal Committee of CPC leaders, placed the basic management on a more prominent place, and by taking the “Strive for Advance and Excellence” as an opportunity vigorously push forward the basic organization and management innovation, extensively and steadily carried out the “Strive for Advance and Excellence” activity to play the CPC members’ role of promoting development, serving employees, cohering public feeling and advancing harmony. Every departments and units should fully realize and learn the significance of activity, according to the deployment carried out the activity to promote the effective operation of the economic working for string for the eleventh five-year plan.


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