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快乐彩票APP |Strictly Control Quality   Ensure Safety Production

  From March to May in 2010, with more orders of the product camera lens, TOEC experienced the labor shortages issue. Depending on the excellent working environment and corporate culture, lots of new employees were attracted to obtain employment in TOEC. Most of the new employees had poor operation skills and quality awareness, so it had more difficulty for TOEC to manage the new employees. Face facts, the high level management seriously worked out the solution and focus on the basic management and detailed management, carried out the factory-entering education among new employees, raised their team spirit, quality and responsibility awareness, affected them with the excellent corporate culture. On one hand, TOEC met the demands of customer order, meanwhile, on the other hand paid close attention to every aspect affecting the quality of the product by means of sending quality management to control the product quality in the fields of data statistics, site management, and incoming materials inspection etc. TOEC created the economic interests as well as raised the enterprise reputation and market competitiveness.
  • In order to welcome Wuyi International Labor Day, celebrate the 91 anniversary of May 4th Movement and 60 anniversary of TOEC establishment, TOEC carried out the fun team sports game and photo shows activity. The game and activity raised the employees......
  • On May 21th, TOEC organized the youth talents and parts of young employees to participate in the team development exercise. Through the assembly call, offensive and defensive combat and other exercises, the young employees not only experienced the fun......


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