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快乐彩票APP |Review Eleventh Five-year Plan to Clear Up Design Twelfth Five-year Plan to Look Forward-TOEC Held 2010 Economic Meeting

  On July 9th, TOEC economic meeting with the purpose of reviewing the eleventh five year plan to clear thoughts and designing the twelfth five year to look forward in 2010 opened on schedule. TOEC secretary of CPC Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang hosted the meeting. The top and middle-level management, related person were present in the meeting.
  Firstly, chief engineer Mr. Li Xu made the Twelfth five year plan working report. The general idea of the Twelfth Five Year Plan was that according to the national electronic information industry develop trends and characteristics, we should take the scientific development concept as program and strategy. We should take the adjusting structure, promoting transformation, treasure talented employees and raising level as main line. We should according to the “one center, two wings, six axis” development strategy establish “high end, high quality, high technology” sector structure to guarantee the breakthrough in the military industry, steady growth in the pillar industry and power increasing in the core competitiveness for perennial electronic manufacturing service.
  On behalf of TOEC top level management, general manager Mr. Sun Weidong made an important speech titled by analyzing and understanding situation, confirm position, unify thinking, improving thinking, progress and development. The speech mainly included the corporate culture, work attitude, hardship consciousness, market development, management and talented staff team building, enterpriser spirit and etc. He pointed out that the twelfth five year plan is the great event. We should balance mindsets, do good in the cultural heritage and enterprise loyalty job, depending on the enterpriser attitude and obligation made progress, do our best, lead best team to guarantee the corporate benefit for the twelfth five years plan implement.
  Finally, TOEC secretary of CPC Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang made a summary speech in the field of corporate soft power construction, management staff attitude, corporate culture and harmony enterprise building.


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