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快乐彩票APP |Watch the Great Development of Binhai New Area   Open a new chapter of TOEC

  To make the twelfth five years plan, TOEC deeply implement scientific development idea, directly face the financial crisis, actively deal with the challenge,, actively carry out “strive for advance and excellence” and “CPC learning organization building” activities and continuously put the results of activities into the staff thinking. On July 1st, TOEC held the celebration for CPC gathering eighty-ninth anniversary to further establish scientific development ideas and concept, provide the strong idea and political guarantee for pushing the economic development and achieving twelfth five years plan.
  On July 3rd, under TOEC secretary of CPC Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, nearly one hundred TOEC CPC branch secretaries and excellent members went to visit Binhai central commerce and business area, new area plan exhibition, Dongjiang Port and new factory. While the participants tasted the constant and unceasing transformation and business opportunity brought by rapidly development in Tianjin Binhai new area, they offered that they will insist on the direction of corporate strategy, grasp the golden opportunity of open up in Binhai new area in the wake of Tianjin Binhai new area development, further promote the corporate culture “honesty, respect, customer, creativity”, closely focus on the economic development, adapt the new situation, seize new opportunity and make new achievement in order to do good job in the end of the eleventh five years plan, do perfect preparation for the twelfth five years plan and contribute their effort to TOEC great development. Meanwhile, TOEC increase the talented person training, improve and perfect talented team building and talented person selection system. The selection made revision in the related system. On the basis of the technical experts, technical leader and technical master hand, the system increased senior expert and technical talent ranks, standardized the application condition, added the scene reply stage. Every departments and units will take the opportunity to do good job in twelfth five years talent development plan, strengthen the talent development and team building and improve the talent team quality for providing strong talent resource for twelfth five years plan.


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