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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Hold Economic Work Regular Meeting in the Second Quarter of 2010

  On July 6th, the middle and top level management took part in the 2010 second quarter economic work regular meeting. General accountant Ms. Lv Xia hosted the meeting and made a working analysis and report on the accomplishment of the enterprise economic plan, include economic running situation, employee management, information-based enterprise. TOEC Secretary of CPC Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang according to the economic running situation and development situation in Binhai new area combined, emphasized that the development pace of Tianjin was quick, the benefit standing point was high and the labor short situation was social issue which should be paid much attention. General manager Mr. Sun Weidong combined the disadvantage of exterior situation and the existed issues of TOEC. He noted that the enterprise operation in the first half of year was well, the four certification issue was hoped completed at the end of year and the whole situation had upward trend. The national policy of western region development made a great effect on the labor resource. The European G20 summit increased the export trade friction and decreased the orders in the second half year. The change of the RMB exchange rate had an influence on the profit of exported department. The sales person of special product should go out the enterprise and learn the customer’s demands on time. All the staff should highly pay attention to the security production issue.
  After meeting, the director of every department made a summary of the eleventh five years plan achievement according to the detailed situation and thought over the twelfth five years plan to strive for contributing numerous proposals and suggestions to TOEC development.


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