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快乐彩票APP |The Second Board Meeting in 2010 of TOEC Opened

  The second board meeting in 2010 of TOEC was opened on August the Party Secretary of TOEC,Mr.Zhang zhenjiang hosted it.General Mannager,Mr.Sun Weidong stated a working report and all board directors and supervisors joined the discussion on the report and other issues.

  A consistent statement the board issued after the meeting say: under the circumstance with lots of negative impacts the finance crisis brought,TOEC still made a fruitful success by working hard in the past half year and shows a stable development trend; the manager team deserves a full approval on their effort; the working plan are practical and the board are fully confident that TOEC will achieve the goal of 2010. Some positive and constructive suggestions were handed in by the representatives in the meeting.
  The meeting restated that TOEC should continuously invest more on R&D, especially the exclusive products design, focus more on raising employees talents, make a strong foundation for achieving the goal of The Twelfth-Five Year Plan of TOEC.
  • To fulfill the determination Quality is Foundation, ,Technology is a key, Rule is guarantee, TOEC August 26th hold a game for quality improvement in 2010. There are 8 teams in total joining the game. This game offers an opportunity for stuff to commun......
  • During the Mid-Autumn holidays,TOEC organized an activity for charity and donation as part of its culture. There are 29 employees in total sharing 19900RMB cash to support their children to learn knowledge in school with a better condition.Meanwhile, ......


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