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  In order to promote the structure upgrade and raise the competitiveness of enterprise, August 17th, TOEC held the technology and talent working meeting for planning the Technology and Talent development direction in the twelfth-five years.
  In the meeting, general engineer Mr. Li Xu focused on “one core”- the optical and electrical device development, made the analysis of the technology research and development, took three branch factories and one center for example, drew upon experience gained at key points coming into typical model through the market direction and product style, economic indicator and protect measures to inform more vertical and operative plan for the promotion in the enterprise to lay the basis for completely implement of the twelfth-five year plan.
  Later vice general manager Ms. Deng Yali made the talent working plan publication and gave an introduction about the talent situation, existed shortage and plan objective and protection measures. She noted that the talent development thoughts bring up an adequate and well-structured contingent of high-caliber people, build an experts team which could solve the enterprise difficulties and lead the industry development, create an excellent and well known talents in the industry at the Tianjin city, 2010 technology and management talents was commended and technology progress, selected talented was reviewed in the meeting.
  General manager Mr. Sun Wei dong made an important speech, noted that firstly, the management are changing from extensive mode to intensive mode, every units should made and implement the plan, secondly, after five years steady development the enterprise rapidly development should comply with the thoughts and talented. We should realize the ideas that the talent is not cost but capital, we should increase the investment in the talent, thirdly, the enterprise have clear strategy and the technology staff should afford the responsibility in the same field, every unit should enhance the technological management, industry upgrade should not be underway without technology and we should have resolution and make plan to increase the technology investment.
  Lastly, the sectary of CPC Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang pointed out that firstly, every unit should development industry leaded by two plans and according to the mode made the own plan. Secondly, the enterprise have experienced the period of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shone, ten years later lots of enterprises was at the same stage of development, ten years later there were great changes among the enterprises. Every unit should research and convey the spirit of the meeting, make great efforts to do good job for the enterprise development.



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