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快乐彩票APP |Fully Promote S&T Enterprise Leap Forward Development Guests from science and technology commission visited TOEC

  October 13th 2010, Mr. Chen Dean, director of the science and technology commission, Hexi district in Tianjin visited TOEC. TOEC vice general engineer Lv Qianjin and marketing department director Wen Zhihua accompanied the guests.
  Mr. Zhang Tianjin from marketing department made the report titled by sustainable developing enterprise, Ms. Wen Zhihua introduced the enterprise current situation and development plan in the recent years, Mr. Lv Qianjin made a brief introduction on the enterprise science and technology development and existed issues. After heard the report, the guests gave praise on the achievement TOEC gain in the recent years and hoped TOEC quicken raise and development the strategy emerging industry, improve the independent innovation capacity to contribute more effort for promoting innovative region and innovative city building. Director Chen noted that both sides strengthen the communication and exchange on the issues existed in the science and technology development and gave detailed explanation on the science and technology innovation policy and measures in Tianjin. He offered fully depending on the science and technology development platform and measure advantages provided by the science and technology commission, enhancing the science and technology innovation capacity and core competitive capacity and bringing new motivity and energy to the sustainable development. Then TOEC hoped that through the opportunity the enterprise strive for more policy and funds support for science and technology project to further broaden core technology innovation capacity and influence for the leap forward development in the twelfth fives years plan.
  After the discussion the guests accompanied by Mr. Lv Qianjin and Ms. Wen Zhihua visited the laboratories in the R&D center and realized the new product research and development.


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