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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Technological Center was Award the title “National enterprise technological center''——Became Tianjin Information Security Industry Breakthrough

  November 16th 2010, national development and reform commission hold the commendation meeting in Shenzhen for national high-tech industrial base, national high-tech industrialization demonstration project and national enterprise technological center. In the meeting ninety-three enterprise include TOEC technological center and four branch technological center was award the title “National enterprise technological center” jointly issued by the national development and reform commission and other five ministries. As the representative of Tianjin, TOEC general manager Mr. Sun Weidong received the recognition. This is the second enterprise belong to the Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronic and Information Group Co., Ltd won the prize. Zhonghuan Group Chairman of the board Mr. You Huadong and general engineer Mr. Qin Kejing attended the meeting and showed congratulations on winning the prize. As the first national enterprise technological center in the Tianjin information security industry, it was confirmed that not only TOEC had strong R&D capabilities and market position but also Tianjin electronic and information industry insisted on the independent innovation.
  TOEC took the national enterprise technological center for chance, in the period of twelfth-five years, TOEC continuously devoted major effort to develop information security, energy saving and other strategical emerging industry to promote product upgrading to high quality, high efficiency and high end. TOEC would set up science and technology zone and explore a new model of economic development to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.
  • October 13th 2010, Mr. Chen Dean, director of the science and technology commission, Hexi district in Tianjin visited TOEC. TOEC vice general engineer Lv Qianjin and marketing department director Wen Zhihua accompanied the guests. Mr. Zhang Tianjin fr......
  • The year 2010 would be over soon, representing a year, also representing a node. At this moment, the eleventh five-year plan successfully ended, the twelfth five- year plan set sail filled with pride. Taking inventory of the year, the Chinese developm......


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