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快乐彩票APP |The First Economy Meeting of TOEC in 2009 Opened

  TOEC 2009 first economy meeting opened following the national anthem with much ceremony on Febr.7th. Ms Deng Yali, the vice general manager of TOEC chaired the meeting. General manager Sun Weidong made an administrative working report titled by “Focus on the market, driven by research and management and push enterprise to develop for a long term”. And Ms Lvxia, the vice general manager of TOEC gave a talk on 2008 business entertainment. Mr Zhang Zhenjiang, the secretary of TOEC Communist Party Committee rewarded the outstanding departments and persons that made a great progress during the past year. Employee's representative Xie Jianting read out the initial written proposal. Mr Zhang Bingjun, the Board Chairman of TOEC made an important speech.
  The administrative working report made by general manager Sun Weidong not only reviewed the performance and sumed up the problems in the year 2008, but also predicted the economic situation and make the work arrangements for the next year. In 2009, we should implement the existing strategies and pay close attention to cash flow to realize stable economic growth.; we should free ourselves from old ideas and make research in the global view to search for more opportunities ; we should focus on the market and act on the R & D and management to promote our pillar industries. The report which content is objective, comprehensive and concise enhanced the importance of the new markets, cost savings, and cash reserves and concerned more about the people living and social harmony.
  Board chairman of TOEC Zhang Bingjun make a completed analysis of the international, national, city and company situation. He made the claims that we should be mentally and physically prepared to devote much attention to the research of policy and reserve of talents, and also attach great importance to the technological development and transformation. He hoped that we make full use of the favorable conditions in BinHai New Area and keep the concept that TOEC is an enterprise in mind all the time.
  The high-level officers held a long discussion with the employee’s representatives. After much discussion, the representatives offered: in the face of financial crisis they will emancipate the mind and strengthen the confidence.
  Mr Zhang Zhenjiang, secretary of CPC of TOEC delivered a passionate speech at the meeting. He made a suggestion on implement of the meeting spirit and specification of the main mission and working arrangement.
  The First Economy Meeting of TOEC was not a meeting of cohesion but a meeting of various tasks and goals. Finally, the executive report and resolution was accepted with unanimous approval by the employee’s representatives. The meeting concluded successfully with the National Anthem.


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