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快乐彩票APP |TOEC “Heart-warming” activities during the Spring Festival

  In order to reward the employees that made hard work and great effort during the past year and help the poor and needy, the “Heart-warming” activities was carried out before the Spring Festival. The senior management of TOEC paid much attention to the activities, and middle-level managers also vigorously supported the activities. The management of TOEC Labor Union not only made a well organization and detailed arrangements, but also regarded the activities as the events concerning the harmony of TOEC and the clean in party member’s conduct. TOEC Communist Party Committee issued a notice titled by “Do a good job in the Spring                   Festival greetings and activities”. The notice required that the management at all levels be concerned about people’s livelihood, work together and advance activities to do more real work for the employees. On the one hand management of Labor Union gave economic grants to the employees with financial difficulties, on the other hand the high-level management brought allowance and gifts to them. The activities make them heart-warmed in winter.
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  • TOEC 2009 first economy meeting opened following the national anthem with much ceremony on Febr.7th. Ms Deng Yali, the vice general manager of TOEC chaired the meeting. General manager Sun Weidong made an administrative working report titled by Focus ......


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